Contactless electrical energy transfer system via magnetically coupled air coils

Judek Sławomir,  Karwowski Krzysztof

ISBN/ISSN: 978-83-7348-501-3

Year published: 2013

Number of pages: 98

Tags: air coil, electrical energy transfer



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profil naukowy Autorów (MOST Wiedzy) – Sławomir Judek, Krzysztof Karwowski
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The monograph describes the contactless inductive power transfer system IPT, by which electrical energy may be transmitted, without electrical connection or physical contact, through the large air gap. In this case energy is transmitted via coreless transformer. Coupling between the coils changes and depend on dimension of air gap. The efficiency of IPT is mainly depended on the transmission frequency. Additionally large leakage inductances may be compensated also in resonance condition by adding capacitors to the coils. The monograph presents theoretical analyses and simulation results of transformer equivalent circuit with capacitors. Theoretical developments are compared with practical measurements from a prototype contactless system.

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