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Interaction Design in Agile IT Projects

Sikorski Marcin

ISBN/ISSN: 978-83-7348-840-3

Issue: 1

Year published: 2021

Number of pages: 164

Tags: validation – evaluation and testing, quality of interactive products, graphical user interfaces, web user interfaces, design, mobile user interfaces, envisioning the product, analysis



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profil naukowy Autora (MOST Wiedzy) /scientific profile (MOST of Knowledge) – Marcin Sikorski


The main goal of this book is to present the impact of agile approach on User-Centred Design, that resulted in gradual adaptation of interaction design methods to agile IT projects.

The first part of this book (chapters 1–4) provides an overview of interaction design principles for graphical, web and mobile user interfaces. All three types of user interfaces are now popular as typical points of access to applications and services users need for their daily activities.

The second part (chapters 5–10) present a critical review of user-centred techniques useful for improving usability of interactive products, primarily addressed to agile IT projects. A number of user-centred techniques useful at different stages of an agile IT project were presented, with focus on optimizing their positive impact to users, customers and project clients.

The author hopes that this book will be a source of valuable theoretical and practical knowledge for all researchers and practitioners (especially IT managers) involved in cooperation with users and customers in IT projects. Furthermore, readers interested in new trends in interaction design should also find here an inspiration for creating software-based solutions developed with adequate balancing engineering excellence with human needs and values.

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