The Europium Short-Term Outgoing program is part of the implementation of IDUB tasks in the scope of increasing the quality level of the university's scientific activity, Action IV.2. (System of supporting the mobility of scientists and work-life balance solutions). The aim of the Program is to increase the scientific competences of Gdańsk Tech employees, especially young scientists, as a result of their short-term stays in leading foreign research centers. The consequence of these trips should also be the establishment of research cooperation between the research group, which includes the outgoing person, and the foreign group.


Please note

The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module, in the title of the project application, enter the scientific center where the internship will be held. Read the instructions for submitting applications through the system.

Please note

At the stage of implementation of the awarded project in the application for the trip - MoJaPg PG in the item PURPOSE OF THE TRIP, the employee should write: trip within the IDUB Program (Europium) - regardless of whether it is already at the stage of applying for an advance, or it is the settlement of the trip without an advance. Advances for the trip are applied for and paid in the currency of the issued decision - that is, in PLN.

Budget and project financing conditions

Under the Program, it is possible to finance short-term costs (from 1 week to 3 months) of stays of scientists from Gdańsk Tech in foreign research centers of high international reputation.

The financing of the costs of travel and stay includes a flat rate to cover the costs of accommodation, daily maintenance and travel by local transport in the amount of PLN 3 000 per week and travel costs to / from a foreign research center.

How to apply