The Platinum Establishing Top-Class Research Teams program is part of the implementation of IDUB tasks in the scope of increasing the quality level of the university's scientific activity, Action I.1. (Acquisition and support of highly qualified international staff). The aim of the Platinum program is to increase and enrich the scientific potential of Gdańsk Tech as a result of the creation of new research teams led by renowned scientists employed at Gdańsk Tech under the Nobelium Joining Gdańsk Tech Research Community program (hereinafter referred to as Nobelium), who will conduct research in the thematic areas of PRA Centers.

As part of the Platinum program, it is possible to obtain a grant intended to finance the costs of creating and operating a new research group in the initial period of its activity.

An application for a grant under the Platinum Program may be submitted by the Beneficiary of the Nobelium program specified in paragraph 1 section 4 subsection 2) or 3) of the Nobelium program Regulations, i.e. an experienced scientist (scientist with a doctoral degree and an established position) or a renowned professor (scientist with a world renown in his/her scientific field), within a maximum of six months from commencing employment at Gdańsk Tech.

Please note

The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module. Read the instructions for submitting applications through the system


Budget and project financing conditions

The planned Project budget under the grant may not exceed the amount of PLN 5 000 000, with a maximum project implementation period of 24 months.

The grant funds:

  • costs of establishing and operating a research team (logistic component);
  • costs of research conducted by the team established by the Applicant in the initial period of its activity (research component).

The maximum amount of the research component is PLN 300 000.

How to apply

  • The call for proposals is continuous.
  • The application is submitted electronically via Moja PG system.