Plutonium kolor

The Plutonium Supporting Student Research Teams program is an element of the implementation of IDUB tasks in the field of improving the quality of education for students and doctoral students, in particular in fields and disciplines related to the priority research areas of universities, Action III.4. (Activities supporting effective talent management). The aim of the Program is to support the activities of student research clubs, which constitute the natural environment for the selection of leaders of research groups, organizational leaders and leaders initiating new research areas.

Please note

The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module

Budget and project financing conditions

The application for funding under the Program may be submitted by the supervisor of the student research club (the student research club should be active for at least one academic year before the date of the competition announcement in the program).

The research club may apply for a maximum total amount of PLN 300 000. PLN in five subsequent competitions.

The following types of direct costs can be financed under the project:

• conducting and disseminating research under the project, such as: publication fees, costs of participation in conferences, business trips;

• purchase of small laboratory equipment, materials necessary for the construction of models for pilot studies, perishable materials, including reagents;

• purchase of research equipment;

• modernization of the laboratory where research works are carried out;

• hardware and software (for research purposes only, e.g. specialized computer programs);

• external services necessary to carry out research.


There was a revision to the application form. The current editable template can be found in the Documentation in the red frame.

How to apply?

  • Calling in the program will run from October 24 to December 9, 2022. 
  • Applications should be submitted by e-mail to the IDUB Project Implementation Team to the following address:, the original of the application should be sent by internal mail to the Projects Office.

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