Individual Research Studies (IRS or ISB - in polish) create individual educational paths for the most talented second-level students in connection with their research as part of research projects. 

Within the RADIUM Program, it is possible to obtain a university grant intended to finance the costs of scientific research conducted by second degree students within Individual Research Studies.

IRS and RADIUM constitute an element of realization of IDUB's tasks in the scope of increasing the quality of education of students, especially in faculties and scientific disciplines connected with priority research areas of the university, Action III.1 (Modification of the education system at the first and second degree studies).

Please note

The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module. Read the instructions for submitting applications through the system.

Recipients of the program

Second-degree students may apply on their own or may be recommended, for example, by a dean, mentor, research supervisor, or project manager in which students have participated or are currently participating.

Eligibility criteria

The Radium Committee considers the following criteria when evaluating IRS applications:

  1. Accomplishments demonstrating past involvement in scholarly activities, e.g., publications, participation/references at conferences, participation in scholarly projects, activities in scientific clubs,
  2. Grade from diploma thesis/diploma project,
  3. Grade point average from first degree studies,
  4. Recommendations/letters of recommendation,
  5. Letter of motivation,
  6. Interview.

Budget and funding conditions  

The maximum amount of funding for a research project is 24 000 PLN gross and the project duration is no longer than 10 months.

In order to participate in the RADIUM Program, the Applicant must obtain the prior consent of the Vice-Rector for Education for the realization of the ISB, according to the Regulations for Individual Research Studies.

What cost categories can be planned in the project?

Grants awarded as a result of the competition may fund:

  • costs for the purchase of small laboratory equipment, materials necessary for research, non-perishable materials including reagents,
  • costs of computer equipment and software necessary for the research,
  • external services necessary for the conduct of the research,
  • costs related to the dissemination of research, including in particular travel and subsistence costs, publication fees, costs of participation in conferences

How to apply?

The IRS program

  • The IRB application ca be submitted between April 26 to May 20, 2024 at 11:59 pm. The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module.

To the RADIUM program

  • The call for applications for the RADIUM program will run from April 26 to June 14, 2024, 11:59 pm. The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module.

Submitted applications are subject to evaluation by an Evaluation Committee appointed by the Rector. The final decision to award the grant will be made by the Rector.

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