The Aurum PLUS Program is an element of the implementation by the Gdansk University of Technology of the tasks of the IDUB Program in terms of increasing the level of quality of the scientific activity of the University, Measure II.1. (Activities for the development of cooperation with internationally renowned scientific institutions).
Under the Programme, it is possible to obtain a grant from the University to finance the costs of scientific research conducted in cooperation with partners from the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) in areas consistent with the activities of the Gdańsk Tech Priority Research Area Centres, established at the University for the coordination and concentration of research at the PAR.

Please note

The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module  

Budget and project implementation conditions 

The maximum amount of funding for a research project under the Programme is 45.000 PLN. The maximum amount of funding from NTUT for research carried out by employees of this university is 300.000 NT$ The grant implementation period cannot be longer than 12 months.

A prerequisite for participation in the Programme is the planned implementation of research in cooperation with a partner from NTUT. This cooperation should have a real dimension in the form of involving the partner carrying out the planned research, the costs of which will be financed from the partner's own resources.

The costs may include, among others: 

- costs of disseminating the results of the research conducted under the grant, such as: article publication fees
- costs of participation in conferences, business trip costs; costs of purchasing small laboratory equipment and materials necessary for the construction of models for pilot studies, non-durable materials
- costs for the purchase of computer hardware and software
- salaries of the project leader and contractors from Gdansk Tech (project team)
- costs of business trips to the partner country from Gdansk Tech

How to apply?
  • Call in the program will run from 7 August till 10 September 2023.