The MAGNESIUM Supporting Mobility and Work-Life Balance of Researchers program, is part of the comprehensive implementation of IDUB's tasks in supporting the individualization of development plans due to the personal situation of employees, as well as the flexible settlement of didactics for expatriate employees under Measure IV.2 (System for supporting the mobility of researchers and work-life balance solutions). 

Who is it aimed at? 

According to the idea of the program, the funds can be allocated to deans for partial coverage of costs related to employees' foreign trips, especially within the framework of the EUROPIUM and AMERICUM programs, as well as limited activity of employees related to family situation or fortuitous events (among others, costs of overtime and teaching substitutes).

What can you gain?

Under the Program, it is possible to finance salary supplements for employees.
Funds for the Program will be proportional to the number of academic teachers employed in research and teaching and research positions at a given department

The Program is implemented in 2024-2025.
Supervision of the implementation of the Program is exercised by the Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Innovation.
Administrative support for the implementation of the Program is provided by the HR Center.  
The applicable rules and regulations of the Program are published on the IDUB project website.