The Nobelium Joining Gdańsk Tech Research Community program is an element of the tasks of the IDUB project in the scope of increasing the quality level of the university's scientific activity, Action I.1. (Acquisition and support of highly qualified international staff). The aim of the program is to increase and enrich the scientific potential of Gdańsk University of Technology as a result of employing highly qualified specialists at Gdańsk Tech who will conduct research in the thematic areas of PRA Centers.

Budget and project financing conditions

As part of the program, it will be possible to recruit and employ foreign scientists at Gdańsk University of Technology, hereinafter referred to as the Beneficiaries, belonging to one of the three categories:

a) a young scientist with a doctoral degree (post-doc);

b) an experienced, well-established researcher with a doctoral degree;

c) renowned professor - scientist with worldwide authority in his/her scientific field.

The program Beneficiary indicated in point b) and c) creating a research group at Gdańsk Tech may obtain additional funding in the form of a university grant in the Platinum Establishing Top-Class Research Teams program.

The maximum amount of the budget allocated to remuneration depends on the group in which the Beneficiary will be employed and amounts to:

  • for a young scientist, a maximum of PLN 150 000 per year;
  • for an experienced scientist, a maximum of PLN 300 000 per year;
  • for a renowned professor, a maximum of PLN 400 000 per year.

The maximum duration of employment under the scheme is 2 years for young people and experienced scientists and 3 years for renowned professors.

How to apply?

• the call for applications under the Nobelium Program is continuous

• Applications should be submitted electronically at to the IDUB project implementation team, original application should be sent by internal mail to the Project Office.