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Who can apply?

If you are a graduate of a master degree program (master level of studies) and have a master's degree, you can participate in the admissions to our school. If you are finishing your master's degree (you are in the last semester), but have not yet defended your thesis, you can also apply. However, you will have to defend your thesis by the end of September at the latest.


According to the Doctoral School Admission Rules at Gdańsk University of Technology:

"The Doctoral School may admit persons holding the title of a Master of Science, Master of Science in Engineering or an equivalent, or a diploma entitling to apply for a doctoral degree. 

If the diploma has not been issued yet, the candidate should present a certificate from the university confirming the defense of the thesis. 

If the diploma has not been issued due to waiting for the thesis defense date, the candidate should submit an appropriate declaration. In such case, the candidate may join the recruitment only conditionally, and their admission to the School will be possible provided that the diploma is delivered by the time of matriculation."