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Civil engineering, geodesy and transport [ILGiT]

Mohammad Malikan - small-scale structures in micro and nanomachines

Automation, electronics, electrical engineering and space technologies [AEEiTK]

Maciej Głowacki - color centers in nanodiamonds

Artur Gańcza - underwater acoustic communication

Sebastian Dziedziewicz - nonlinear eigenproblems for guides and resonance structures in optics

Dmytro Kondratenko - universal vector modulation algorithm for inverters

Chemical sciences [NCh]

Kazi Amirual Hossain - Interplay between DNA and Proteins

Jolanta Kulesza - Bisacridines in 3D cell cultures

Materials engineering [IMa]

Aleksandra Laska - The properties of aluminium alloy joints

Economics and finance [EiF]

Yuxin Lu - Chinese exports and imports of goods