Doctoral students should always inform their supervisor and the Doctoral School Office of planned absences due to the trips. They should be reported in the MojaPG system in order to receive formal approval of the mobility from the doctoral school.


The rules for settling doctoral student mobilities (within doctoral studies and doctoral school) are regulated by § 3 of the Rector's Decree No. 32/2017 of December 29, 2017 (available in Polish only):

in particular:

"1. In justified cases, the Gdańsk University of Technology may cover the costs of traveling by its own students or doctoral students who, outside the University's premises, carry out tasks related to the education process (internships, seminars, tournaments, competitions, conferences, etc.) or other tasks (activities of scientific circles, representing the university in tournaments, competitions etc.). Students / doctoral students have the right to claim reimbursement of such costs.

2. The departure of a student or doctoral student is not mobility within a business trip.

3. A student / doctoral student should submit an application for travel expenses before traveling. The model application has been attached as the Annex to this Manual. [Please note! The template has been adapted to the specifics of the doctoral school in terms of required signatures and bilingual version - current version in the tab > Downloads
4. Receivables from the departure of students or doctoral students may not be higher than those provided for in the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 29 January 2013 on the entitlements due to an employee employed in a state or local government unit of the budgetary sphere for a business trip (Journal of Laws, 2013 item 167, as amended) [available in Polish only]

Application for travel expenses:

The template has been adapted to meet the specific needs of the Doctoral School regarding the required signatures and the bilingual version - the current version can be found under > Downloads.

  • In order to facilitate the circulation of documents, in the case of which the funds authorising officer (person in charge of funds) is Gdańsk Tech employee, a completely electronic version has been created. This allows the doctoral student to fill in the eDocument in the system without having to attach the template - this is optional.
  • In the case of funds authorising officer (person in charge of funds) who is not Gdańsk Tech employee and in the case of Erasmus+ mobilities, the template attached to the eDocument as a file "Application for travel expenses" is mandatory.

Step 1: Before leaving for a conference, training, workshop, project or Erasmus trip, etc., download the application for travel expenses from the tab > Downloads, fill in the application form and have it signed by the person in charge of financial support. Some units (fund administrators) may require you to submit this form on paper, therefore we leave this option for doctoral students.

Step 2 (mandatory): Fill in the document "Application for a doctoral student's trip - details of the source of funding for the travel and mobility approval" in MojaPG (STUDENT app) - you may attach the previously filled in application, but please ensure that the application is well justified and described).

Note: At the request of the President of the Doctoral Student Government, two versions of the eDocument have now been introduced:
1) the first one for trips where the funds authorising officer is a person from Gdańsk Tech - an application to cover the costs of the trips as an optional appendix, the signature of the administrator collected electronically.
2) the second - for trips where the funds authorising officer is a person / institution from outside Gdańsk Tech and for Erasmus+ mobilities - an application to cover the costs of the trips as an obligatory appendix, the authorising officer's signature collected traditionally on the application (in case of Erasmus mobilities it is enough to quote Erasmus+ in the place for signature).

Step 3: eDocument form:
1) if the option of a funds authorising officer from Gdańsk Tech is selected, it will go to the acceptance of the person in charge of the funds selected by the doctoral student from the list and in the following step to the supervisor,
2) if the option of funds authorising officer from outside Gdańsk Tech is selected, it will go only to the supervisor.

Step 4: The rest of the signatures will be collected electronically by the school and you will be given an application number back, which you may then enter in the "TRIPS" app.

Step 5 (mandatory): At the same time, enter your mobility in Moja PG system in the "TRIPS" app. The data identifying the person leaving as a PhD student of the school should be provided so that the trip is visible to the employees of the Doctoral School:  
Position: PhD student
Administration units: Doctoral School

For ERASMUS trips, please do not fill out an application in the "Trips" application. In this case, you will need to obtain a paper application from the International Relations Office (an ERASMUS trip is not a business trip). However, this does not exempt the PhD student from reporting the trip via eDocuments in the Student application.

Longer trips (e.g. internships, project or Erasmus+ mobilities):

The form (eDocument in Moja PG) should be accompanied by a scan of a signed application for the internship / internship agreement along with any possible attachments such as an invitation approved by the financing party (i.e. documents on the basis of which the trip is to take place and receive funding) and scientific program of the internship / mobility (in English).

Returning to the university:

The student is also required to present a factual report on the stay (this may be e.g. a factual account of the trip made in the project under which financing was provided), which should include a description of the achieved effects. The "Factual report on the long-term mobility (e.g. internships, project or Erasmus+ mobilities)" should be submitted as an eDocument (in the STUDENT application).

Additional information:

Instructions for submitting an application for mobility you can find here. (in Polish only, we can provide you with an English google translation)

In order to set up a proper circulation of the application for mobility in the Trips application you have to contact IT department ( personally and provide them with the following data (full names of the persons referring to your trip) to be included in the form:

  • The administrator of funds (the person in charge of financial support) [dysponent środków]: supervisor / head of the supervisor's department / dean / project manager or doctoral school director (depending on the situation)

  • The supervisor of the outgoing person [przełożony osoby wyjeżdżającej]: the PhD student’s supervisor

  • The person approving the trip [zatwierdzający wyjazd] is: deputy director of the doctoral school (Prof. Maciej Bagiński or Prof. Robert Jankowski)

  • The formal and accounting approval [zatwierdzenie formalno-rachunkowe] is made by: an employee of the central administration or faculty (in correlation with the administrator of funds)

  • The substantive approval is made by: the PhD student's supervisor