Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Medium of instruction: English

Programme description:

The doctoral programme in Management and Quality Studies is designed for students interested in pursuing advanced study and conducting original, theoretical or empirical/applied, research in managerial and business research, and quality management studies. The program is divided into two main phases. During the first two years PhD students will be offered an extensive training on the necessary theoretical foundations and empirical methods used in management and quality studies’ research. They will get familiar with theoretical underpinnings of modern management research and their application, including new theories of organisation, firm behaviour, business models, institutional perspective on management theory, competence, servitization and innovation analysis. They will learn how to do advanced empirical research using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods. During the first phase, apart from the intensive training, PhD Candidates are also expected to prepare a dissertation prospectus, to be developed into a proper doctoral dissertation within the remaining period of the doctoral studies. During the second phase, PhD Candidates pursue their own research, aimed at writing high-quality doctoral dissertation under the supervision of qualified faculty members of the Faculty of Management and Economics. Candidates can choose between topics in the area of organisational behaviour related to: entrepreneurship, innovation management, knowledge management, motivation at work, positive organizational behaviour, public management, technology transfer, inter-organisational cooperation, and sustainable development clusters, smart city, smart mobility, open data, or sustainability. Given the research profile of the faculty, the main areas of specialisation include (but are not limited to: (1)Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviours; (2) Innovation management; (3) Knowledge management and knowledge risks, (4) Motivation at work (the Self Determination Theory); (5) Positive organizational behaviour (job-related well-being; work engagement, thriving, engaging leadership); (6) Smart city and public management; (7) Sustainable development and organisations.


Career opportunities:

The graduates of the PhD programme in Management and Quality Studies will have advanced knowledge and professional skills in the field of managerial and business research  enabling them to serve in the public or private sector. They will be qualified to continue their career in academia (mainly in the departments of management, marketing or quality studies) or work as highly trained business analysts/professionals in companies.

Key words:

  • Management,
  • Business,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Quality management,
  • Business innovation,
  • Technology,
  • Human resources,
  • Organizational change,
  • Organizational culture,
  • Marketing,
  • Knowledge management,
  • Public management. 

Research area:

Current admission