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Consulting for young scientists

The Careers Office invites young scientists, including PhD students, to individual consultations with a career advisor and an entrepreneurship advisor. 

The programme contains Vocational Counselling, including support in the field of:

  • career planning, specifying a professional goal;

  • discovering individual interests and predispositions to perform a particular job;

  • identification of strengths, competencies needed at work;

  • determining optimal ways of using one's talents in a professional career;

  • prepare documents needed in the recruitment process and prepare for job interviews.

The programme contains Entrepreneurship Consultations, including support in the field of:

  • establishing and conducting economic activity, including legal aspects (the choice of legal form as well as the form of taxation);

  • raising funds to establish and develop an enterprise, using available sources of financing an operation (loans, donations etc.);

  • creating a business model based on Business Model Canvas (facilitating complex idea verification before it’s execution and preparing to build a business plan);

  • prosecuting SWOT analysis for certain solutions;

  • training endowment from the National Training Fund for Entrepreneurs.

To gain access to the test and make an appointment we ask to contact us via phone: 58/ 347 28 84 ,via e-mail: or Career Center