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Contact person: Mrs. Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska (e-mail:

Mrs Magdalena Szuflita - Żurawska will be teaching the Scientific Databases and Information Skills course as part of soft skills classes.

Library Information e-Course

Although it is not an obligatory course for our PhD students, we recommend it to you, especially if you are not a graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology.

The GUT Library offers Library Information Skills e-course to students enrolled in English-language degree programmes at GUT.

Library Information e-Course is designed to help each student use the resoursces GUT Library has to offer – 

  • books, 

  • electronic databases, 

  • e-resourses (e-books, e-journals) 

as effectively as possible. 

The key information skills include: 

  • being able to locate and access the information you need, 

  • being able to compare and evaluate information, 

  • being able to organise, apply and communicate the information to others e.i. citing references in an essay, presentation, article or diploma paper or creating a bibliography. 

How to get to the Library Information Skills e-course?
Click the link below:

To access the course you must log in.