Several thousand employees and students travel to Gdańsk Tech campus every day. Transport accounts for a large proportion of carbon dioxide emissions, which is why we want to improve the comfort of the entire academic community during daily commute and travel to classes. We want to use sustainable transport solutions on a daily basis.

The campus of Gdańsk University of Technology is located in the center of Wrzeszcz, a district well-connected with other parts of Tricity. The shortest way to the Main Building of Gdańsk Techis from the tram stop named “Politechnika”. There is also a bus stop nearby and “Szybka Kolej Miejska”, fast urban railway station, also named “Politechnika”. Well-organized public transport means that many employees and students choose to travel by public transport, and thus they will consciously contribute to lower air pollution. “Gdańsk Large Family Card” entitles you to free travel on trams and buses, which can be crucial for Gdańsk students from large families.

Gdańsk University of Technology is also a great place to get to by bicycle or scooter, as there are numerous bicycle paths leading here. There are many bicycle parkings on the campus, some of which built as part of the civic budget. For minor failures, one can also use the public bicycle repair stations located on the campus. In order to reduce CO2 emissions and for their own health, many members of our community travel to campus by bicycle. A pilot competition program for cyclists named " By bike to the Univeristy ", was created especially for them. This initiative takes place in cooperation with the University of Gdańsk - research university in Tricity which is a member of Daniel Fahrenheit Union of Universities. We want to provide our cyclists with rooms where they can refresh themselves after the journey and change clothes. We will also create more covered parking spaces on the campus.

In the promotional campaigns, we will appreciate anyone who chooses an environmentally friendly option of travelling to Gdańsk Tech.