We intend to increase ecological consciousness among the employees, students, partners and suppliers, as well as local community, and support activities related to environmental protection.

We create and will create new curricula related to sustainable development so that our students receive practical knowledge about sustainable development and are able to take action on the most important global issues in the future. We will develop programs so that every student, regardless of the chosen field of study, graduates from our university with knowledge about nature protection and problems related to climate change.

We also want the employees of Gdańsk University of Technology to know the goals of sustainable development, and environmental protection to become part of our organizational culture.

We are aware that we also have a significant impact on the local community. Gdańsk University of Technology carries out the third mission of the university, the so-called social responsibility of science. It is a signatory of the Declaration of University Social Responsibility and an active subject of activities aimed at shaping social attitudes conducive to wide implementation of the declaration's postulates. Our activities will not be limited only to the university, because what surrounds us is an important part of our city and here we will start positive environmental changes.