As a university, we decided to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.We commite to reduce CO2 emissions by half by 2030 and achieve zero net emissions by 2040 at the latest. In order to achieve this goal we have decided to prioritize the selected sustainability goals that we have the greatest influence on, while continuing to work on other goals.

The Climate Plan of Gdańsk University of Technology determines how we intend to face current and future challenges in order to become a sustainable institution and play a significant role in creating a sustainable world. We are responsible for the natural environment and our surroundings. We want to contribute to stopping climate change through our research, education and everyday activities. Commitment and contribution to sustainability for a better future for the planet is the responsibility of the entire academic community.

As part of the Climate Plan, we intend to focus on tasks in the following areas:

  • Quality of education: we will create new curriculum related to energy transition and adaptation to climate change, so that our students receive practical knowledge in this field and are able to deal with the most important global issues in the future.
  • Research: facing local, regional and global challenges connected with climate change, we will conduct research on solutions aimed at counteracting climate change and mitigating its effects.
  • Internal measures: we intend to plan all our internal processes related to i.a. consumption of natural resources and Energy, water supply and wastewater management, Staff and student mobility, campus infrastructure, cooperation with suppliers, in order to minimize carbon dioxide emission.
  • Commitment: we intend to increase ecological consciousness among the employees, students, partners and suppliers, as well as local community, and support  activities related to environmental protection.

This Plan is a framework document. It constitutes guidelines in our efforts to protect the environment, however does not constrain our ability to reach beyond current limits of our imagination. Therefore, we forecast a periodic evaluation of the assumptions of the Climate Plan and its possible adjustments, which will enable to achieve the goals established by Gdańsk University of Technology.

The Climate Plan of Gdańsk University of Technology