The implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals has been included in the new development strategy of Gdańsk University of Technology for the years 2020–2030. The presented report is an outline of the University's activities in particular areas of Sustainable Development. 

The activities described in the report have been identified under four general areas:
  1. research and projects,
  2. public engagement and partnership,
  3. education and student activity,
  4. internal activities of the university

and against this background, the activities of the University were analyzed. We do not show achievements in some areas, but identifying these areas is important to us and will allow us to make efforts to fill these gaps in the future.

The case studies described in the report constitute only selected elements of the University's activities. Their goal is to show our commitment to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Gdańsk Tech Sustainable Development Report 2022-2023

Gdańsk Tech Sustainable Development Report 2021-2022

Gdańsk Tech Sustainable Development Report 2016-2021