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Date added: 2023-03-30

[Update 20.03.2023] Mid-term evaluation - information

We would like to inform you that the tab, regarding the mid-term evaluation and the template for the PhD Candidate's Mid-Term Report, has been updated.

On March 16, 2023, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, an informational meeting for 2nd-year PhD students regarding mid-term evaluation was conducted,

The presentation from the meeting with the regarding is available here.

Planned evaluation schedule (please note that this is a plan and may be modified):

  • June / July 2023 making the eDocuments regarding evaluation available to PhD students (in MojaPG system),
  • until August 31, 2023 submission of documents by PhD students
    (date of document approval in the system by the supervisor is counted),
  • first half of October 2023 making the reviews available to PhD students,
  • second half of October 2023 interviews with PhD students,
  • first half of November 2023 the results of the mid-term evaluation,
  • November 2023 expected date of increasing the doctoral scholarship for those who passed the mid-term evaluation / removal from the doctoral students list of those who negatively passed the mid-term evaluation.