Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Medium of instruction: English 

Programme description: 

The programme is aimed at teaching doctoral students innovative and novel techniques, methodologies and implementations of acquired knowledge to their PhD projects. The programme includes obligatory and facultative courses which highlight basic science as well as well applied sciences, and also lectures by visiting professors from various fields and countries, who will share their knowledge and experience in their respective research areas. The most important scientific topics covered by the programme are: new polymers, new biologically active compounds, new methods of analytical chemistry, new diagnostic methods, anticorrosion technology, new nanomaterials as well as functional food. 

This programme provides the doctoral students with the required background in the fields of general chemistry, biotechnology and chemical technology, ranging through a wide plethora of industries, to enable PhD students to develop their own ideas and concepts, as well as creative problem solving skills. The programme includes teaching practices as well as external domestic and international internships. 


Career opportunities:

The graduates have the knowledge and skills in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology and chemical technology. 

The graduates of the PhD programme will be qualified either to enter an industry as unit leaders or to continue their research in academia as experts in their field. In particular, all graduates will be well prepared to take postdoc trainings and to work in academia as well as in research institutes in Poland and abroad. 

Key words:
  • organic chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • physical chemistry
  • medicinal chemistry
  • corrosion
  • polymers
  • biological chemistry
  • biotechnology
  • food chemistry
  • surfactants
  • functional materials
  • nanomaterials

Research areas:

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