Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Medium of instruction: English

Program description: 

The programme aims to prepare doctoral students for independent research in mathematics and give them the opportunity to become familiar with the latest results of scientific research in theoretical and applied mathematics. The programme includes obligatory courses: 

  • Monographic Lecture on Mathematics (30 h), 
  • Mathematical Background Seminar (30 h), 
  • Seminar on Advanced Mathematical Topics (2 x 30 h),  

facultative courses, soft skills classes as well as summer and winter schools, lectures by visiting professors and internships in other research centers (participation optional). The programme prepares for interdisciplinary cooperation. It allows you to get the skills necessary to create mathematical models of natural, technical and financial phenomena. It prepares students for submission of the doctoral dissertation, which initiates the procedure for awarding the doctoral degree in mathematics. 

Potential PhD students are offered theoretical and applied paths related to scientific research run by research groups at the Institute of Applied Mathematics. Among others, our mathematicians investigate problems in nonlinear analysis, statistics, differential equations, dynamical systems, probability theory, graph theory and biomathematics. The main fields of expertise of the Institute of Applied Mathematics are topological invariants (Conley index, topological degree, fixed point index), variational methods with application to dynamical systems and differential equations, bifurcation theory and stochastic processes. An application part of the studies includes mathematical methods in mechanics and medicine. Possible applications are also focused on Markov models.   

PhD studies require from potential candidates knowledge of mathematical analysis, differential equations, algebra, topology, functional analysis, probability theory and measure theory at the graduate level. 


Career opportunities: 

A graduate of doctoral studies in mathematics will have comprehensive and in-depth mathematical knowledge that will allow him/her to work in various positions using mathematical tools as well as research work at the university. 

Key words:
  • theoretical mathematics,
  • applied mathematics,
  • research,
  • knowledge 

Research area:

Current admission