On-line databases on Gdańsk Tech

The database users can be students, PhD students and employees of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Access to databases is possible from all computers located at the Gdańsk University of Technology, connected to the university computer network. If you are using a computer at the Gdańsk Tech system will connect us directly with the desired database.

Electronic access to sources outside the Gdańsk Tech computer network

HAN system provides access to electronic sources of information - full-text databases of journals, and bibliographic or abstract databases, from computers outside the Gdańsk Tech network, such as home computers.

Organization of access to databases from the home page of the Main Library Gdansk Tech has been designed in such a way that "web page recognizes computers" after the IP address. If we use a computer outside Gdańsk Tech computer network interface abroad Gdańsk Tech appears that requests login using the Gdańsk University of Technology Account data (Gdańsk University of Technology Central Log-in Point), which determines the proper fulfillment of the desired database access.