Library account

All students (including postgraduates), PhD students and employees of Gdańsk University of Technology have automatically set up library accounts. The login details for the library account are the same as the details for Moja PG (Gdańsk University of Technology Central Log-in Point).

Other users can create a library account in accordance with the Regulations.

Instructions for setting up a deposit account

People not associated with the university can open a deposit account in the Gdańsk Tech Library. To open a deposit account, please come to the Lending Desk in the Main Library with an ID document. The account will be created on site and activated as soon as the payment is made. The fee is PLN 100 and allows you to borrow 2 books. Payments can be made in cash or by credit card on site or by money transfer. After making the transfer, please send the confirmation generated by the bank to the following address: Transfer details are provided at the bottom of the page Regulations.

Detailed guidelines related to the limits and rules of using library resources for specific users are available on the Regulations page.


Basic rules for using the collections:

To borrow books, you must have an active library account. The method of borrowing books depends on their location:

  1. Books with the location "Gdańsk Tech Main Building Library - Storage" should be ordered via the online catalogue. After logging in to your library account, you should order the title you are interested in, specifying the Lending Room or Book Locker as the pickup location. The book can be collected after receiving a notification to the e-mail address assigned to the library account. Information about the order ready for collection will also be available in the reader's account in the "Orders" tab. A student ID is required for collection, both at the Circulation Desk and at the Book Locker. A book ordered to the Lending Room will wait for 5 days to be collected, while a book ordered to the Book Locker will have to be collected within 48 hours. You can queue up for stock items that are currently on loan.
  2. Books with the location "Gdańsk Tech Main Building Library - Hall" can be found on the shelves and borrowed using a self-service device (self-check).
  3. Books with branch locations can be found on our own on the shelves in a given branch and borrowed from the staff. If the book is in the branch's storage, ask the staff to lend you the book. In the "Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics Branch Library" books can also be borrowed using a self-service device (self-check).
  4. The collections with the location "Storage Warehouse" consist of continuous publications. Orders for articles from these collections should be submitted to: The articles are sent to the user by e-mail for use within the scope of permitted personal use. The waiting time for order completion may be up to 3 business days.

The number of books and the period for which they can be borrowed are specified in the regulations for borrowing books.

Books should be returned on time or extended online for the next period, either by yourself or by contacting the Gdańsk Tech Library. Failure to meet the return deadline results in charging a fee in accordance with the price list of library services and fees and blocking the user's account.


Books should be returned to the location from which they were borrowed.

  1. Books from the locations "Gdańsk Tech Main Building Library - Storage" and "Gdańsk Tech Main Building Library - Hall" should be returned in the Hall using a self-service device (self-check) or using the drop box located on the left side of the entrance to the Main Library, through which you can return books also outside library opening hours.
  2. Books from a branch location should be returned to the branch staff. In the "Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics Branch Library" books can also be returned using a self-service device (self-check).
Using e-resources

The Gdańsk Tech library provides access to electronic books, journals and databases. The users are all students, PhD students and employees of Gdańsk University of Technology. The "E-resources" tab contains detailed information about available electronic resources.

Computers and wireless Internet
Computer workstations

The Gdańsk Tech library provides users with computer workstations. After logging in to your computer using your Moja PG data, you can access:

  • library catalogue,
  • electronic collections through the catalogue and the "E-resources" tab on the Gdańsk Tech Library website,
  • general access to www sites.
Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet access from personal computers is possible on the Gdańsk Tech campus via the Eduroam service - it requires an active account on the Moja PG portal (access is possible using the same login details as for the Moja PG portal). Instructions for connecting devices with the system:

If you encounter problems connecting to the network, please contact the CUI Helpdesk (IT Services Center).


Tutorial videos

Watch the videos, which provide essential guidance on using the resources and tools available at the Gdańsk University of Technology Library.

1. Logging in to the library account

Learn how to log in to the library account correctly.

2. Searching resources in the Primo catalogue

Learn how to find selected publications quickly and easily by searching the Gdańsk Tech Library collection.

3. Ordering and borrowing books

Find out how to borrow books according to their location in the Gdańsk Tech Library.

4. Other operations on the library account

See the user profile and find out what users can do with the library account, e.g. how to renew borrowed books.

5. Electronic resources at the Gdańsk Tech Library

Learn the basics of finding and accessing electronic materials.