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About the Library

The Library collects books, journals and electronic publications that cover full range of disciplines represented at all eight faculties constituting the Gdańsk Tech. Each Gdańsk Tech faculty has its own branch library with a reading room. The Library also offers lending library, reading rooms, open space study spaces, computer stands and the Internet, 8 branch (faculty) libraries and more.

The Library fulfills its statutory function as well as:
  • collects and catalogs new books/periodicals,
  • makes collections available via online catalogue,
  • organizes exhibitions that promote Gdańsk Tech in the research community in Tricity.
The Library implements eLibrary services by:
  • offering online library and information skills training for first and last year students,
  • growing and maintaining the existing infrastructure of the digital library.
Gdańsk Tech Library Services

The Library fulfills its statutory function by collecting and cataloguing new books and periodicals, growing and maintaining the existing infrastructure of the digital library, making collections available via online catalogue, offering user training activities and organizing exhibitions that promote Gdańsk Tech Library. Aside from the printed collections, the library provides a rich array of electronic resources. There are over 60 online databases offering scholarly full text journals.

Digital Library

The Gdańsk Tech Library has been playing a leading role in the implementation of the Pomeranian Digital Library project (since 2010). The digital library provides access to cultural and scientific objects (e.g. manuscripts, early printed books, 19th and early-20th-century books, textbooks and some other educational materials in digital form, most of them as public-domain resources).

Institutional Repository, Open Access and Open Research Data

The Gdańsk Tech Library plays an important role in two projects, MOST Wiedzy and MOST DANYCH. MOST Wiedzy is a project initiated by IT Services Center at Gdańsk Tech. MOST Wiedzy is a platform for collecting, preserving, and disseminating scientific publications using Open Access, research data and other research and development work conducted at the Gdańsk Tech. The repository is also supposed to become a platform for cooperation between science and business. The second project called MOST DANYCH is to manages Open Research Data produced by scientists.

International Cooperation

One of the main purposes of the Gdańsk Tech Library is to promote and support the internationalisation of higher education at the university. The library offers many learning opportunities for students from all around the world and provides all users access to well-managed library collections and other services. The other objectives of the internationalisation process carried out by the Gdańsk Tech Library include library staff Erasmus+ mobility, and cooperation and support of several libraries and Open Access organizations, especially: IATUL, CESAER, IFLA, LIBER and SPARC Europe. Dr Anna Wałek, Director of the Gdańsk Tech Library, is a member of the IATUL and SPARC Europe Boards of Directors. Last but not least, the Gdańsk Tech Library actively participates in “BE OPEN Project” ("BE OPEN European forum and oBsErvatory for OPEN science in transport" project) financed under the HORIZON 2020 program.


Gdańsk Tech Library Office
Narutowicza st. 11/12
80-233 Gdańsk
e-mail: library@pg.edu.pl
phone: +48 58 347 27 58