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  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    29-09-2022 - 29-09-2022

    InCites Essentials and New Features

    New to InCites or not sure how to create an analysis to answer your research questions? Join our InCites Essentials webinar in which our education experts will teach you the basics of using our research intelligence tool InCites. Registration

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    12-10-2022 - 12-10-2022

    How to manage and analyze own structure using SciVal and Scopus

    Join us for a discussion about effective ways of managing organizational struction and analysis via Scopus and SciVal. Registration

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    19-10-2022 - 19-10-2022

    Understanding open research

    Research funders, institutions and publishers are increasingly talking about open research. As a broad term which encourages accessibility, transparency and reproducibility of research and supporting information. Open research includes the practices of sharing data, code, preprints, methods, or working in new ways such as Registered Reports. Join this webinar to hear Head of Open Research,...

  • zaproszenie na Open Perspectives Forum 2022

    08-11-2022 - 08-11-2022

    Open Perspectives Forum 2022

    Openness is key in librarianship, science and research. Our open community is a place for discussion, exchange and mutual learning - a safe place that provides a global perspective and access to thought leaders on the topics of ‘open’ from anywhere in the world. We invite you to join the community for the virtual Open Perspectives Forum. Conference areas of interest: Open...

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    08-11-2022 - 10-11-2022

    SciVal Camp 2022 "Autumn Edition"

    SciVal Camp is a series of 3 dedicated meetings devoted to the practical possibility of using the SciVal tool. Events on November 8-10, 2022. A detailed programme will be announced shortly. Participation in the seminar is free, limited number of available places. Registration

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    22-11-2022 - 22-11-2022

    How to write and publish an article - Elsevier Author Workshop

    During the author workshop, we will provide tips and tricks for authors that can positively improve the quality of manuscripts and thus increase the chances of accepting papers for publication in reputable international journals. During the training, we will discuss the structure of an article, as well as good practices and tips for writing a paper and submitting a text for publication. Matters...

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    23-11-2022 - 23-11-2022

    How to find a journal wisely - Elsevier Author Workshop

    During the webinar, we will introduce authors to good practices for selecting journals to read and publish based on verified sources and information. We will show how to use available bibliometric tools and indicators to find, select and evaluate scientific journals in selected scientific dyscplines and based on research topics. Participants will learn the principles to keep in mind when using...

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    24-11-2022 - 24-11-2022

    Best practices for authors of scientific publications. Discussion

    Join us for a discussion on writing and publishing scientific articles. The panelists will be selected authors from the CEE region who have successfully published articles in respected Elsevier journals. During the meeting with authors, we will talk about topics such as improving the process of writing scientific papers, good practices from publishing articles in scientific journals with high...

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    08-12-2022 - 08-12-2022

    Tips for effective and efficient reporting with SciVal

    Researchers and research administrator will learn how to prepare the reports on research performance using Scopus and SciVal and avoid common mistakes. Registration

  • mężczyzna pracujący na tablecie z filiżanką kawy

    13-12-2022 - 13-12-2022

    Elsevier "on air" - Galina & Bartek answering your questions

    This interactive webinar is your chance to ask your questions of the CEE Region's Elsevier experts. Registration