The International Relations Office (IRO) within the framework of international programs and projects conducted at Gdańsk Tech provides employees with services in the following areas:

1. organization of trips abroad for training, research and teaching purposes (for academic staff);
2. organization of trips abroad for training purposes (for academic and support staff);
3. organization of trainings and webinars on intercultural, language and other competencies. 

IRO also coordinates two programs for the incoming staff: the Erasmus+ program (for academic and support staff) and the Einstenium IDUB program (for researchers). IRO also includes the Welcome Office, whose staff helps in organizing the stay of international employees at the university.

Gdańsk University of Technology also runs EOG/21/K2/W/0020 project within Education Programme Component II. Mobility of staff is possible in cooperation with the following partners: NTNU (Norway), Bergen School of Architecture (Norway), Reykjavik University (Iceland).

Gdańsk University of Technology also runs the EOG/21/K2/W/0020 project as part of the Education Component II Programme, which benefits from the funding of EUR 80,000 received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds. The aim of the project is the mobility of students and employees with the following universities: NTNU (Norway), Bergen School of Architecture (Norway), and Reykjavik University (Iceland). More details are available at the following website: You may contact us at the following e-mail address: