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Webinars and trainings


The International Relations Office organizes numerous trainings and webinars for support and academic staff in the field of, inter alia, intercultural and linguistic competencies. It is an important part of the so-called internationalization process at home, the aim of which is to provide international students and staff with optimal conditions for studying and working. This, in turn, is possible only when the university staff has the necessary knowledge and competencies to service and cooperate with foreigners.

Ongoing trainings

Conduct classes at university in Spain (apply by December 11)

Fellowships at RWTH Aachen (apply by December 31)

Past trainings

Workshops on mediation

Workshosps on cultural differences

International promotion training

English language course

Intercultural competences training

ENHANCE invites - about AI in higher education

ENHANCE invites - staff week on diversity and inclusion

ENHANCE invites - about AI in education

International Teaching Week at Esslingen University (Germany)

ENHANCE invites - workshop on Learning environments for Alpha generation

ENHANCE invites - staff week on intercultural skills