On this website, we publish information about interesting online and stationary events in which Gdańsk Tech students can participate, including information about:

  • trainings, workshops, lectures, etc. organized at Gdańsk Tech by the International Relations Office on intercultural, language and other competencies,
  • trainings, workshops, lectures, summer and winter schools organized by foreign partner universities or international organizations of which Gdańsk Tech is a member.

We encourage you to regularly visit this website, take advantage of the opportunities offered by Gdańsk Tech's cooperation with universities and organizations around the world and sign up for webinars, workshops and summer/winter schools. Participation in these events will help you improve your competencies related to intercultural communication, project work in international teams or learning foreign languages, which are highly valued by employers (but also simply - they are useful in life).

Past events

ENHANCE invites - data literacy winter school

Workshops on mediation (Hey, are you OK? project)

Yoga classes (Hey, are you OK? project)

Mindfulness classes (Hey, are you OK? project)

Workshops on cultural differences (Hey, are you OK? project)

Seminars on coping with stress (Hey, are you OK? project)

ENHANCE invites - winter school on gender and diversity in science

ENHANCE invites - seminar on intercultural communication

ENHANCE invites - summer school on sustainable entrepreneurship


ENHANCE invites - meeting for students on learning opportunities

"Multiscale Methods" Summer School

ENHANCE invites - summer school on diversity and gender

ENHANCE invites - workshops on AI in Higher Education

ENHANCE invites - workshop on Learning environments for Alpha generation

Summer school on sustainability - sign up

CESAER Student Challenge