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Partnership with Asia

Gdańsk University of Technology is paying lots of attention to Chinese cooperation. There are more than 200 Chinese students who graduated and received BA or MA diploma. It first started with Bachelor in Management, a group of Chinese students who came to Gdansk Tech in October 2007.

There are 4 faculties that offer bachelor studies in English which created Double- degree with several Chinese universities. They are Bachelor in Management - Faculty of Management and Economics; Energy Technologies - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology together with the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering; Green Technologies and Monitoring - Faculty of Chemistry; Mechanical Engineering - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology.

All 8 faculties from Gdansk Tech have got Master's students from China for long-term studies or short-term exchange. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics have Ph.D. students sent by Chinese partner universities for common projects. 


Gdansk Tech has active agreements with following  Chinese universities:

1. Beijing Institute of Technology
2. Beijing University of Technology
3. Chengdu Technological University
4. China Three Gorges University
5. Dezhou University
6. Hebei Finance University
7. Huaihua University
8. Nankai University
9. North China University of Science and Technology
10. North Minzu University
11. Ocean University of China
12. Shanghai Institute of Technology
13. Shanghai Normal University
14. Tianjin University
15. Tongji University
16. Wuhan University of Technology
17. Xi’an Jiaotong University
18. Xidian University
19. Xinyang Normal University
20. Yancheng Institute of Technology
21. Yanshan University
22. Yuncheng University
23. Zhongyuan University of Technology

Students from Gdansk Tech can go for Exchange program and Summer school to these universities, it is also possible to find co-supervisor from partner university while conducting BA or MA final project.


Hebei Finance University Business Institute Poland at Gdańsk Tech

In June 2021 Chinese Ministry of Education has granted Hebei Finance University to recruit students for “Hebei Finance University Business Institute Poland” which will be located in Gdansk Tech campus. There will be 4 fields of studies together run by Faculty of Management& Economics, they are: Management, Economics, Economic Analytics, and Informatics in management.

Each field of study will enroll 40 students from China in September 2021, the students will finish first year study in Hebei Finance University, from second year they will travel to Gdansk Tech, and after 3 years course taught by teachers from both partners, students can graduate and obtain diploma with Bachelor degree from both universities.


First Polish-Chinese educational projects

In October 2020, Dezhou University and Gdansk University of Technology cooperative education project was approved by Chinese Ministry of Education. This is the first Sino-Poland education project Gdansk Tech has successfully applied. 120 students will be recruited in September 2021 in Dezhou University. Bachelor program Energy technologies provided by Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology will expect group of Chinese students from the year of 2023. These students which choose come to Poland will get double diploma after completing studies in Gdansk Tech.


Gdańsk Tech- Study Service Center

ln China we have our Gdańsk Tech- Study Service Center which supports students with visa issues, admission consulting and language preparation.


Rector's Proxy for cooperation with Chinese research and teaching institutions

At the Gdańsk University of Technology there is a rector's proxy function performed by dr hab. Christian Jungnickel, professor at the Gdańsk University of Technology.


Ph.D., D. Sc. Christian Jungnickel, Gdańsk Tech professor
Rector Representative for
Cooperation with Asian Scientific and Didactic Institutions
phone: +48 58 347 24 69

Rong Li
phone: +48 58 347 16 44