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Date added: 2023-06-01

[Update 20.06.2023] Results - NAWA internships

In accordance with the "Regulations supporting mobility abroad for the best doctoral students of the Doctoral School at Gdańsk University of Technology in the form of three-month and six-month NAWA internships, financed from the project funds STEERING TOWARDS  INTERNATIONALISATION OF THE DOCTORAL SCHOOL the Selection Committee awarded 5 six-month internships and 12 three-month internships on the basis of a competitive procedure.
The results:

Ranking list - 3month internships

Ranking list - 6month internships

An information meeting is planned for the winning doctoral students. 
Information Meeting for PhD students leaving for STER internships in August-September 2023 will be held on 26th of June 2023 from 9:00 to 10:00 A.M. in Doctoral School Office. Attendance is compulsory.

The documents to be completed by the interns before and after the trip have been completed in the initial announcement of the campaign.

Please note that all internships that have been accepted for funding must close in 3 months / 6 months respectively with travel days, with commuting not exceeding 1 day one way and 1 day the other way, which means that some applications will be adjusted in this respect at the contract signing stage.

4th year - these doctoral students need to apply for PhD training extension and obtain approval

2nd year - these doctoral students will have to take part in mid-term evaluation online

Announcement of the campaign dated 12.05.2023 here

According to the regulations "Candidates have no right of appeal against the decision of the Competition Committee."