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Date added: 2023-10-12

Gdańsk Tech and the Order of the Twisted Oak – a field game

grafika drzewa na tle zdjęcia budynku Politechniki Gdańskiej

Gdańsk Tech Library and the Institute of Applied Mathematics (Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics) invite everybody interested to take part in the new edition of our mysterious field game, this time called: "Gdańsk Tech and the Order of the Twisted Oak".

We invite you to take part in the game between the 23rd and the 31st of October.
Entrance to the game    The Rogue's Map

  1. You can find the rules, the entrance to the game and the file with the Rogue's Map available for download (see above) on the website of the Gdańsk Tech Library. The map can be printed or picked up at any branch of the Gdańsk Tech Library.
  2. "Entrance to the game" will lead you to the file with puzzles to solve. There is one puzzle ascribed to every branch of the Gdańsk Tech Library. Solve a puzzle to obtain a book's location (call number and second call number) in a library branch.
  3. You can start the game at any library branch. Go to one of the library branches and find a book by its section (second call number) and call number that you obtained by solving a puzzle.
  4. Find a task hidden in the book. Complete the task and give the results to a librarian at the branch to which the task is ascribed.
  5. The librarian will add a seal to your Rogue's Map and give you a bookmark from the "Pioneers of Techwarts" limited edition.
  6. Complete at least 3 tasks. Leave your Rogue's Map with at least three seals at any library branch. Do not forget to attach your e-mail adress!
  7. A special treat for completionists - for solving the 10th puzzle you will be rewarded with the legendary "Golden Card" - look for information about the hidden puzzle.
Awards will be given:
  • at random - to 3 people who collected at least three seals;
  • to the first person to collect all the seals.

Should you have any questions, you can ask a librarian or contact the Nanotechnology Regional Library.