The Baltic Science Festival is one of the largest science festivals in the country, at the same time enjoying wide interest among the inhabitants of Pomerania. It was created on the initiative of the Council of Rectors of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Gdańsk University of Technology has been organizing it for nearly twenty years. About 150 events are organized as part of the Festival. The festival program includes, among others: scientific conferences and picnics, shows, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, presentations of experiments, visits to laboratories, scientific outdoor trips and many other interesting events.

The festival is addressed to a wide group of recipients living in the Pomerania region, regardless of their education and age. The participants of the events are both primary and secondary school students as well as adults and even preschool children.

The aim of the festival is to familiarize the inhabitants of the region with the subjects of scientific research carried out in Pomerania, to acquaint them with scientific achievements and to present them in the most understandable and attractive form that is conducive to arousing curiosity and joy of learning about it.