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Successes, achievements, awards


  •  The photo shows a navy blue flag with the white logo of the Gdańsk University of Technology against the sky.


    Recognition of the diploma thesis of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering graduates in the PTE competition

    XXIV edition of the Lucjan Hofman Competition for Master's Theses and the XVII edition of the Witold Andruszkiewicz Bachelor's Theses Competition for 2020, organized by the Polish Economic Society (PTE) Gdańsk branch has been resolved. In the category of master's theses, the thesis of M.Sc. Eng. Bartosz Maciąg and M.Sc. Eng. Krzysztof Milewski, Algorithms supporting operator decisions...

  • The photo shows Dr. Eng. arch. Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska from the Faculty of Architecture. The woman has long brown hair with fringe and is wearing a dark blouse with short sleeves. He is standing in the hall against the background of colorful chairs


    Urban planner becomes twice winner of the Minister's award for her doctoral dissertation

    PhD, Eng. Arch. Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska from the Faculty of Architecture won two competitions for the award of the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology - for diploma theses, doctoral dissertations, publications and innovative solutions in the field of geoinformation, as well as in the fields of architecture and construction, planning and spatial development of housing in the 2020...

  • The photo shows the laureate of M.Sc. Patryk Blaszczak in the company of prof. dr hab. Józef Sienkiewicz and the supervisor, dr hab. Eng. Beata Bochentyn. Everyone is standing next to each other against the background of a green wall and a navy blue banner with the Gdańsk University of Technology. All are dressed in dark.


    Diploma of the Year awarded to a graduate of FTIMS

    MSc. Patryk Błaszczak, a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics in the field of Nanotechnology, completed his master's thesis under the supervision of dr hab. Eng. Beata Bochentyn from the Department of Solid State Physics, implementing a grant project from the National Science Center. Thesis entitled: "Synthesis and use of lanthanum-doped strontium titanate,...

  • diploma of  Outstanding Reviewer Award,2020


    Metals 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award to Aleksandra Świerczyńska, PhD Eng.

      Aleksandra Świerczyńska, PhD Eng., from the Welding Engineering Group of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding, was among the top five reviewers awarded the 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award by the editors of the journal Metals, out of approximately 4,200 reviewers actively working for the journal. The award is given in recognition of commitment to peer review: high...