Master studies in English

Second-cycle studies – Master’s degree programme (1.5 to 2 years which consists of 3 to 5 semesters) following the first cycle studies and leading to the professional title of magister or an equivalent degree depending on the course profile. This is the Polish equivalent of a Master's degree. It is focused on the theoretical knowledge as well as the application and development of creative skills. In arts disciplines, the focus is the development of creativity and talents. Master’s degree holders may enter a doctoral programme (PhD). To obtain the degree, students must earn at least 90 ECTS credits.

Gdańsk Tech offers two intakes for Master studies

  • Intake for October (winter semester) is open from May to July (dates and deadlines are published in late April) 
  • Intake for February (summer semester) is open from November to December (dates and deadlines are published in late October)
  • Both intakes can be followed by an additional intake for study programs where the limit of places has not been finished and the faculty expressed the will to the additional admission process. Check "Dates and deadlines" section for more information.
Admission process step-by-step

Choose study program and prepare for application

  1. Find your dream study program
  2. Check the entry requirements
  3. Check visa requirements
  4. Prepare entry documents


  1. Register at: eRekrutacja during active intake
  2. Pay 85 PLN application fee
  3. Upload scans of entry documents
  4. Wait for results of the assessment, if positive you will be given an Offer Letter


  1. Pay min. first-semester tuition fee by the deadline given in the Offer Letter
  2. Expect Admission and Accommodation Confirmation
  3. Apply for a Polish national D-type visa (if necessary)
  4. Prepare for arrival to Gdańsk


  1. We expect your arrival for registration week 
  2. Register with submitting all entry documents in original paper version with one copy
  3. Finalization of registration will result in obtaining student ID number and the student status
  4. Activate student account at and start your studies

Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to help you with your admission application process and look forward to hearing from you.