Multigenerational University of Technology

A university for participants of all ages

The Multigenerational University of Technology is the first university in Pomerania to educate children, youth, adults and seniors simultaneously. We invite you to join our free, practical educational classes.

Workshops and lectures in science, socio-economic sciences, new technologies and ecology are a good idea for the effective use of your time after hours. Gain knowledge and new skills with friends and family.

We offer fascinating mechanical, mathematical and chemical workshops to preschoolers, schoolchildren and teenagers. Together, we will build bridges and make practical items from waste. We will produce natural cosmetics and shall experiment with molecular gastronomy.

Adults will develop skills related to, among others, the use of computer programs, mobile devices, specialized machines or deepen their knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Seniors will learn the basics of foreign languages (French, Spanish, Italian), and thanks to the skills acquired in computer and internet classes, using them will become easy and pleasant.

What distinguishes the Multigenerational University of Technology from other educational offers are multi-generational classes dedicated to parents with children and grandparents with grandchildren. Time spent together and learning through play are a double benefit for all participants.

School groups and people with special needs will also benefit from the offer of classes.


The Multigenerational University of Technology is an initiative of Gdańsk University of Technology implemented jointly with the Municipality of the City of Gdańsk - Hevelianum and the Kashubian Folk University.

It was launched thanks to co-financing from the European Funds under the Operational Program Knowledge, Education and Development for the years 2014-2020.