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  • ranking


    Gdańsk Tech is a leader in 4 areas of Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021

    THE Impact ranking is the only global ranking that is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the latest edition of the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021, Gdańsk University of Technology has been classified in the overall ranking and in eight individual Sustainable Development Goals.   The Sustainable Development Goals is an action plan for the...

  • Bancrupt


    Computational model for estimating the risk of a company's insolvency

    Scientists from the Faculty of Management and Economics have developed formulae to calculate the risk of corporate insolvency. It is enough to enter the annual financial results of the company, and the model will calculate to what extent the company is at risk of bankruptcy. Forecasting the risk of bankruptcy of companies is one of the main challenges of modern research in economics and...

  • Agnieszka Mikołajczyk


    Artificial intelligence in female hands

    Agnieszka Mikołajczyk, a PhD student from the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, conducts research on AI algorithms and their Explainable AI. She is the originator and designer of an application that, if installed on a mobile phone, can diagnose skin nevi in terms of neoplastic changes. Already during her engineering studies, she knew that she wanted to associate her scientific...

  • Prof Wittbrodt


    Prof. Edmund Wittbrodt the head of the Space Sciences Committee of the Gdańsk branch of PAN

    Prof. Edmund Wittbrodt  PhD, DSc, Eng. from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology at Gdańsk Tech has been unanimously elected the chairman of the Space Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk for the term 2021-2025. Prof. Andrzej Stepnowski, who chairs the Space and Satellite Technologies Section in the Committee was also elected to the presidium of...