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Scientific and industrial institutions

NEPTUNIUM - Enhancing Baltic Region Research Cooperation
•    Luleå University of Technology (Sweden) - project "Start of co-operation between Gdansk Tech and LUT Skelleftea"- Project Manager Dr.-Ing. Daniel Chuchała, WIMiO
•    Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Otganisation (Germany) and University of Lubeck (Germany) - project 'Mathematical methods in the analysis of cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary' - project leader Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Graff, WFTiMS
•    Latvia University (Latvia) - project 'Optical sensor for rapid detection of inflammatory factors in the body' - project leader Prof. Dr.-Ing. Małgorzata Szczerska, WETI 
SCANDIUM - Baltic Region Research Grants
•    Latvia University (Latvia), University of Oulu (Finland) - project 'Fiber-optic system for monitoring of energy storage devices as an environmental hazardous agent' - project leader Dr.-Ing. Paulina Listewnik, WETI
•    Universität Stuttgart (Germany), Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research GmbH, Leipzig, (Germany) - project 'Simultaneous treatment and enegetic valorisation of waste air from biological processing in the municipal waste in the Baltic Region Sea' - project leader Dr.-Ing. Piotr Rybarczyk, WCH
•    Aalto University, Helsinki (Finland) - project "Monitoring of nitrogen removal and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from municipal wastewater treatment plant located in teh Baltic Region Sea - case study". - Project leader Dr. Przemysław Kowal, WILiŚ
•    Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Eastern Finland (Finland) - project 'Energy BIOmass CULtivation on marginal soils enhanced with biochar amendments fertilised with by-product in order to reduce nutrients leaching' - project leader Dr.-Ing. Nicole Nawrot, WILiŚ
•    Aarhus University (Denmark) and Tartu University (Estonia) - project 'Removal of the pharmaceuticals from the aquatic environment by green photocatalysts' - project leader Agnieszka Fiszka Borzyszkowska, PhD, WCH
•    Latvia University (Latvia) - project 'Detection of emerging contaminants in the Baltic Sea using optical transparent electrodes in optoelectrochemical systems'. - Project Manager Dr Michał Sobaszek, WETI
•    Riga Technical Univesity (Latvia) and University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) - project 'Open Innovation Profile for Digital Transformation in Baltic Sea Region (OPENINNPRO)' - project leader Dr Marita McPhillips, WZiE
CURIUM - Combating Coronavirus
•    Medical University of Gdańsk - project "Research and development of new technologies for monitoring the condition of patients with SARS-Cov2 infection in clinical and home conditions"- Project Manager Prof. Andrzej Czyżewski, WETI
•    Medical University of Gdańsk - project 'Intelligent UV-C virucidal system for installation in universal cassette luminaires'. - project leader Wojciech Wojnowski, Ph.D., WCH
•    Medical University of Gdańsk - project 'Rapid screening diagnosis of SARS Cov-2 infection by exhaled air testing'-project leader Prof. Janusz Smulko, D.Sc.
•    Medical University of Gdańsk - project 'Spare respirator made on industrial components'. - project leader Piotr Patrosz, MD, PhD, WM
•    Medical University of Gdańsk - project 'Thermographic system for automatic monitoring of persons with elevated body temperature' - project manager Mariusz Kaczmarek, PhD, WETI
•    Medical University of Gdańsk - project "Design, synthesis and biological activity studies of new SARS-Cov-2pro protease inhibitors as potential chemotherapeutics for COVID-19 treatment". - project manager Sebastian Demkowicz, PhD, WCH
•    Medical University of Gdańsk - project "Functionalised fibre optic sensor - optical method for detection of SARS Cov-2 virus". - project manager dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Szczerska, WETI
AURUM - Supporting International Research Team Building


  • Purdue University (USA); Yildiz Technical University (Turkey), Al Ain University (United Arab Emirates); project "Design of antenna systems using incremental manufacturing methods supported by numerical optimisation techniques"; project leader: Anna Pietrenko-Dąbrowska
    collaboration with: Dr Teshahunegn, Dr Ubaid Ullah, Dr Peyman Mahouti, Dr Leifur Leifsson
  • Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania); project 'Plant extracts and their components as potential antifungal drugs'; project leader: Piotr Szweda
    collaboration with: Dr Laura Juriene, Professor Petras Rimantas Venskutonis, Professor Petras Rimantas Venskutonis
  • The Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT) (Spain); project "3D printed vs. traditional Solid Oxide Cells operating in SOFC/SOEC modes"; project leader: Beata Bochentyn
    collaboration with: Dr Araceli Fuerte, Dr Rita S. Valenzuela, Dr Paloma Fereira, Dr Manuel Jesus Benito
  • Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Switzerland); project "3D printed nanostructured composites based on polymer-derived ceramics and nanoparticles forming alloys for lithium and sodium-ion batteries"; project leader: Monika Wilamowska-Zawłocka
    cooperation with: Dr. Gurdiala Blugana
  • Lund University (Sweden), University of Brasília (Brazil); project 'Research Group - SUP&ER - Study of urban energy efficiency and solar performance'; project leader: Justyna Martyniuk-Pęczek
    collaboration with: Niko Gentile, Cláudia Naves David Amorim, Ricardo Bernardo
  • Department of Medico-surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies (Sapienza University of Rome) (Italy), Technologist of Institute of Crystallography (IC) of National Research Council (CNR), Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine), Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Medico-surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies; project "Analysis of heat and mass transfer using a dedicated micro-PIV system in a tumour chamber with photothermoablated gold nanoparticles"; project leader: Paweł Ziółkowski
    collaboration with: Dr. Luciano De Sio, Dr. Francesca Petronella, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng.  Iuliia Mukha, Federica Zaccagnin
  • Centrale Supélec Paris, Solennels de la Chancellerie des Universites de Paris (France); project 'Semantic segmentation of dental structures in video signal'; project leader: Daniel Węsiersk
    collaboration with: Hugues Talbot Ph.D. Award Prix


  • Belarus National Technical University (Belarus), LUT University (Finland); project "Novel oxide/polymer bilayers as a promising approach for controllable degradation of a biocompatible magnesium alloys", project leader: Jacek Ryl
    collaboration with: Dr Iryna Makarova, Dr Iryna Kurilo
  • University of Valencia (Spain), University of Opole (Poland); project "Capillary electrophoresis as a green technique for the identification of compounds from the group of polychlorinated naphthalenes in environmental samples from the surroundings of water reservoirs"; project leader: Justyna Płotka-Wasylkawork with: Prof. de la Guardia, Dr. Daniel Gallart Mateo, Dr. Fransec Esteve-Turrillas, Prof. Salvador Mateo, Prof. Sergio Armenta
  • Aalto University (Finland); project 'Design-for-safety - development of a rational ship design method to increase the safety of navigation with special emphasis on stability and manoeuvrability'; project leader: Jakub Montewka
    cooperation with: Prof. Jerzy Matusiak
  • Molecular Imaging, Radiotherapy and Oncology (MIRO) (Belgium) Institut de recherche expérimentale et clinique (IREC) (Belgium), Université Catholique de Louvain Beaumont Health (Belgium), Proton Therapy Center, Roberts Proton Therapy Center Department of Radiation Oncology University of Pennsylvania (USA); project "Laser CT Scanning of Polymer Gel Dosimeters for High-Definition 3D Quality Assurance in Advanced Proton Therapy of Cancer: Arc-PT and FLASH"; project leader: Marek Maryański
    collaboration with: Dr. Ding, Prof. John A. Lee. Ms. Sophie Wuyckens, Prof. Stephen Avery


  • University of the Basque Country (Spain), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain), University of Lorraine (France), University of Color and Technology of Tehran; project 'Investigation of interactions at the thermoplastic-elastomer interface using a rubber process analyser (RPA) rheometer'; project leader: Krzysztof Formela
    collaboration with: Dr Henri Vahabi, Dr Mohammad Reza Seab, Prof Xavier Coloma, Prof Javier Canavate, Dr Agnieszka Tercjak
  • Utrecht University (Netherlands); project 'BME iEEG network'; project leader: Michał Kucewicz
    Collaboration with: Prof. Gregory Worrell, Prof. Milan Brazdil, Dr. Jan Cimbalnik, Dr. Brent Michael Berry
  • University of Turku (Finland); project: 'Redox flow batteries as stationary energy storage'; project leader: Joanna Krakowiak
    collaboration with: Prof. Pekka Peljo
  • Clemson University (USA), Rutgers University (USA); project: "Tuning the properties of quantum materials by the application of high pressure"; project leader: Michał Winiarski
    collaboration with: Prof. Weiwei Xie, Prof. Thao TraCuprum Supporting Research Team Building in Emerging Areas
CUPRUM Supporting Research Team Building in Emerging Areas
  • RMIT University (Australia); project "In-game microtransactions: Towards regulations in loot box practices"; project leader: Magdalena Brzozowska-Woś, PhD; associate researcher: Bruno Schivinski, PhD
  • Hasselt University (Belgium); project 'Functional Specialisation in Central Eastern Europe countries: The Role of Enterprise Heterogeneity and the Contribution of Business Functions to Economic Growth'; project leader: Magdalena Olczyk, Ph.D.; associate researcher: Oscar Lemmers, Mark Vancauteren, Ph.
  • University of Pavia (Italy); project 'Laboratory for Digitalisation and Visualisation of Architecture'; project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. arch. Jakub Szczepański; collaborating researcher: Dr. Sandro Parrinello
  • DTU (Denmark); project 'Urban greenery and air quality improvement Urban greenery for air quality improvement (UG-4-AQI)'; project leader: dr inż. arch. Joanna Badach; collaborating scientist: Dr Lotte Jensen

HYDROGENIUM Supporting Membership In International Networks

  • Golden Membership in the Living Lab InnoRenew (Slovenia); project leader: Daniel Chuchała
  • Participation of Gdansk University of Technology in the ESALab@ network (Spain); project leader: Edmund Wittbrodt
  • Designation of Gdańsk University of Technology as a Contracting Party in the Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCP) of the International Energy Agency (IAE) (France); Project Manager: Justyna Martyniuk-Pęczek