The Open Science Competence Network - Data Steward PL is a working group aimed at data stewards and people involved in archiving, sharing and popularising research data and open publishing in their work. In its assumption, it is a space for discussion for librarians, scientists, administrative staff and IT specialists on various issues related to research data management, implementation and popularisation of Open Science in Poland, problems that arise and proposals for their solution (case studies, exchange of experience). Membership in the group is free and voluntary. The network has its own mailing list, which you can join by applying for admission through the website.

The origins of the Network date back to December 2021, when the first national Data Steward Competence Centre working group was established at the Gdańsk University of Technology as part of the so-called Implementation Networks of the GO FAIR initiative. The Group's task was, among other things, to support the process of opening up research data in various scientific disciplines in Poland. From December 2021 until the end of 2023, the group was managed by the staff of the Gdańsk Tech Library's Open Science Competence Centre. With the beginning of 2024, a so-called steering committee was established to take over the administration of the working group, and the name of the group itself was subsequently changed to the Open Science Competence Network - Data Steward PL.

  • to create a network of national experts with different competences to support the development of the Polish RDM (research data management) community,
  • to create a space for systematic information exchange (knowledge transfer) on research data management,
  • supporting activities that promote FAIR principles,
  • popularising the opening of research data at Polish universities and research centres.