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Data repository

The Open Research Data Repository on the MOST Wiedzy portal is:
  • a repository that meets all the requirements set by the NCN
  • the place where the research data are made available by the FAIR principles
  • stable and long-term availability of research data (Gdańsk Tech Rector's statement on the Open Research Data Repository)
  • a DOI for each dataset that makes it easy to find
  • the possibility of integrating the dataset with the scientific profile, publication module or projects
  • the ability to choose one of the Creative Commons licenses for your dataset or to grant any other license
  • the possibility of depositing data and creating a private link for publishers who require access to research data to publish an article
  • substantive support from the employees of the Competence Center
Deposit data in the Open Research Data Repository

In the MOST Wiedzy repository, scientists from the largest Pomeranian universities: Gdańsk University of Technology (Gdańsk Tech), University of Gdańsk, and Medical University of Gdańsk (GUMed), as well as holders of special Vouchers can deposit their research data free of charge. Every Gdańsk Tech scientist with an active user profile on the MOST Wiedzy website has the right to deposit research data in the MOST Wiedzy repository. Scientists from the University of Gdańsk and GUMed, after creating a user profile on the MOST Wiedzy website, receive permissions from the IT Services Center of the Gdańsk University of Technology within a few days of sending an e-mail with a request to grant permissions. In the case of scientists from other universities, only Holders of Vouchers can obtain the right to deposit research data in the MOST Wiedzy repository. After logging in to the user's account, a scientist from another university, thanks to a unique link attached to the Voucher, is redirected to a place where he can enter a one-time code. A one-time code from the Voucher gives indefinite rights to any account holder on the MOST Wiedzy website.