A data steward is a person who supports researchers in all matters related to data management and sharing. The data steward is also responsible for implementing the data usage and security policies defined by the university's data management initiative.

Global organisations related to open research data, regularly provide training for future Data Stewards. One of the most important organisations that promotes the idea of Data Steward is GO FAIR.

Research data management is a key element of scientific research, especially as part of research projects. In order for the results of the research to be credible, they require the use of appropriate procedures, technologies and qualified personnel. Proper management of research data and then making them available in appropriate repositories are the main elements for effectively promote your achievements among scientists, industry representatives and students.

Data stewards tasks:
  • organise trainings on topics related to research data management and Open Science,
  • advise on the preparation of data management plans for grant applications and their subsequent verification,
  • supporting researchers in explaining the principles and good practices of research data,
  • help ensure that research data are properly secured and processed so that they can be shared as widely as possible, while preserving the necessary protection of their confidentiality and integrity,
  • transfer knowledge on how to collect, store, process and ultimately share research data,
  • active participation in the development of procedures related to the management of research data collected in projects carried out at university,
  • cooperation in international organisations and working groups aiming at the development of universal standards, which would enable a significant acceleration of the circulation of scientific information,
  • support for other universities in setting up and developing units similar to the Open Science Competence Center.