Digital technologies center


The Center develops technologically advanced solutions in the field of electronics, IT, automation, robotics and mechatronics as well as telecommunications.

Researchers are working to improve the broadly understood safety and comfort of society. They will enable an increase in the efficiency of enterprises and institutions by preparing systems for more efficient management of their structure.

Research teams in the new Center are also working on projects in the field of robotization and automation. They will create innovative design techniques and production technologies that will allow the development of completely new sensors, devices and systems with innovative practical applications.


The Center includes specialists in the field of developing new techniques for designing systems and devices used in the ICT industry and innovative data processing algorithms, including using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Researchers have had significant successes and are authors of innovative solutions in the field of design techniques for miniature sensors on flexible substrates, human-machine communication, safe and reliable wireless radio links (including those for autonomous vehicles and infrastructure systems), as well as methods that allow creating high quality software.


Scientists of Gdańsk University of Technology will contribute to the creation of intelligent ambience in the environment of human life: at home and on the street, but also in the functioning of enterprises (including logistics centers). They will also develop technologies to increase the productivity of harbours and logistics areas, which is particularly important for the university located within the activities of large harbours.

The result of this work will include miniature electronic systems (placed inside objects and devices that surround people on a daily basis), which will allow automatic adaptation of a specific space to human needs. They will also be used in vehicles and autonomous systems.

New wireless communication methods, which will be created thanks to the work of scientists of Gdańsk University of Technology, will allow the creation of harmoniously operating networks of devices and systems within intelligent environments - also using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Scientists are working here to improve the broadly understood safety and comfort of society

Board of the Digital Technology Centre

1. Łukasz Kulas, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FETI Coordinator
2. Jan Cudzik Ph.D., Eng., FA
3. Prof. Jacek Stefański, FETI
4. Adrian Bekasiewicz, Ph.D., Eng.,Prof. Gdańsk Tech,  FETI
5. Jacek Rumiński, Ph.D., Eng., ,Prof. Gdańsk, Tech, FETI
6. Marcin Morawiec, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FECE
7. Michał Grochowski, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FECE
8. Paweł Pilarczyk, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FAPM
9. Grzegorz Nykiel, Ph.D., Eng., FCEE 
9. Mariusz Deja, Ph.D.,Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST
10. Marek Galewski, Ph.D., Eng., Prof. Gdańsk Tech, FMEST
11. Cezary Żrodowski Ph.D., Eng., FMEST