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Spin-out/off companies

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We support the formation process of new companies basing on scientific-research work results developed at Gdańsk University of Technology.

Joint-stock companies with GUT capital participation formed by GUT special purpose entity - Excento Sp. z o.o.:

1. NovaPUR Sp. z o.o. – operates in the area of Research and Development basing on technology developed at GUT. The technology enables production of ecological rigid polyurethane foam and also selling the licence for the production.

NovaPUR revolutionizes the market of polyurethane foam offering new technologies which are both ecological and economical, basing on renewable resources which results in significant reduction of clients’ costs. Innovative formulas enable obtaining rigid foam with better technical parameters for rigid foams and a wider range of applications, among others in: aviation, automotive, textile and construction industries.


2. CHILLID Sp. z o.o. – company formed basing on the technology developed by Department of Physical Chemistry team. The technology enables designing a cheap, easy to use, smart label in the form of a product quality and longevity indicator.


3. ARGEVIDE Sp. z o.o. – company dealing with implementation and selling of services developed in NOR-STA project. The company offers support for the process of obtaining assessment and maintaining compliance with norms and standards. NOR-STA services will be available for clients on-line (according to the model software as a service). Argevide team is planning further functionalities of the platform and conducting research- developmental works in cooperation with Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics.


4. AssisTech Sp. z o.o. – is an academic spin-off of GUT. Founders of the company, originating from GUT, worked on the scientific prototype of C-Eye® system (Cyber Eye).

Research-developmental works and cooperation with scientific authorities play a great role in the company development and products offered. AssisTech Sp. z o.o. is a company focused on developing and commercialization of innovations in the area of informatics, multimedia and biomedical engineering.


5. Detoxed Home Sp. z o.o. – Joint Spin-off formed by Gdańsk University of Technology and Medical University of Gdańsk staff. The company is currently researching an innovative method of reducing exposure to endocrine compounds (EDC) in home environment. Multidisciplinary team(chemist, analyst, toxicologist, dietician) can help in assessment of individual EDC exposure and reduce the risk of health disorders, among others hormonal, obesity, fertility and cancer.


6. Solutions 4 Tomorrow Sp. z o.o. – the company was formed in 2017 in Gdańsk. The company objective is developing unmanned aerial vehicles to achieve their total autonomy, efficiency and safety improvement. The company is currently working on a project of designing a precise landing system of unmanned vehicle on unstable platform. The project is being carried out within NCBiR ‘e-Pionier using the potential of universities to increase the innovation of ICT solutions in the public sector’ in cooperation with Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection - National Research Institute.


7. Byotta Sp. z o.o. – deals with designing cooling systems for complex systems, especially for electric traction vehicle batteries. The company objective is supplying cooling systems based on innovative technology using phase-change materials and composite cooling plates. The company was formed as a result of three GUT graduates’ activities within NCBiR ‘e-Pionier using the potential of universities to increase the innovation of ICT solutions in the public sector’ conducted by GUT special purpose entity Excento.