Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Medium of instruction: English 

Programme description: 

The programme aims to provide doctoral students with innovative and cutting-edge knowledge in the field of environmental engineering, mining and energy. The programme includes compulsory and optional subjects that cover a wide variety of discipline-related topics. Special attention is given to sustainable development of urban areas, with waste management, treatment and recycling contributing to a circular economy, protection and recovery of water resources, conservation of environmental biodiversity, and transition to green growth. By the university–industry partnerships, as important mechanism linking theoretical fundamentals with concepts, students are involved in knowledge exchange and the responsible implementation of new technology for sustainable resources transition, recovery and circularity, trying to achieve the climate-neutral goals. 


Career opportunities:

Graduates will gain extensive knowledge and skills in the field of environmental engineering, mining and energy. They will be qualified to work as consultants and unit leaders in natural resources management, in green energy and green building industry, in photogrammetry and remote sensing, or to continue their research work at the university. 

Key words:
  • sustainable protection and recovery of water resources 
  • sustainable waste management, treatment and recycling 
  • biorefinery technologies 
  • integrated catchment and flood risk management  
  • energy balance and alternative energy sources  
  • transition to a circular economy with a focus on green growth 
  • mining and geoengineering  
  • photogrammetry and remote sensing 

Research areas:

Current admission