Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Medium of instruction: English

Programme description: 

The programme is aimed at teaching doctoral students innovative and novel techniques, methodologies and implementations of research in architecture and urban studies. The courses of the programme are obligatory or facultative, and highlight challenges and perspectives of contemporary built environment. The programme also includes lectures of visiting professors from various fields, who will address the problems and challenges at the forefront of their respective research areas. The most important topics covered by the programme are:  

  • Current issues of interest within the area of urban design and urban development. 
  • Research methodology in architecture, urbanism and monuments preservation. 
  • Heritage management. 
  • Environmental problems of contemporary architecture and town planning as a scientific challenge. 
  • The impact of climate change on built environment. 
  • New design tools and Building Information Modelling (BIM).   

This programme provides the doctoral students with the required background in the fields of architecture, urbanism and other chosen disciplines, ranging through a wide plethora of industries, allowing them to develop their own ideas and concepts, as well as creative problem solving skills.


Career opportunities:

The graduates have the knowledge and skills in the fields of architecture and urbanism.  

The graduates of the PhD programme will be qualified either to work as architecture and urban design unit leaders or to continue research at the university as experts in their field.  

Key words:
  • architectural design 
  • sustainable design   
  • architectural heritage   
  • cityscape 
  • architecture related with water 
  • daylight and artificial light in design 
  • urban planning 
  • regional development 
  • coastal zone management 
  • sustainable design   
  • urban heritage   

Research areas:

Current admission