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chemical engineering [ICh]

Duration of the programme: 4 years (8 semesters) 

Medium of instruction: English 

Programme description:

The program aims to teach doctoral students innovative and cutting-edge measurement techniques, methodology and application of knowledge in the field of chemical and process engineering, chemical technology and related fields. Courses in this program include obligatory and facultative courses that cover various aspects related to the discipline of chemical engineering, as well as lectures by visiting professors, during which present contemporary research directions in both the field of chemical engineering and related fields. The most important topics covered by the program include: new polymer materials, modern (photo)catalytic processes, advanced treatment technologies, modern anti-corrosion technologies, process monitoring and diagnostics, process integration in the chemical and related industries, hydrogen technologies, new waste management technologies, recycling and energy recovery, and closed-loop management. The subjects offered within this program provide PhD students with the required education in chemical engineering and design of technological processes, the ability to organize and conduct research, develop their own ideas and concepts, and solve problems creatively.


Career opportunities:

Graduates of the PhD programme will gain extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and professional skills that will allow them to solve current and future problems of the broadly understood chemical industry and other branches of the economy using chemical technologies, including biotechnology.

Graduates will be qualified to work in the chemical industry, (bio)technology, environmental protection, energy, maritime economy, water and wastewater management and in the refining industry, as unit leaders or as experts. Graduates will also be prepared to continue their scientific work both in research and development centers and at universities. 

Key words:
  • chemical engineering
  • process engineering
  • bioprocess engineering
  • chemical technology
  • hydrogen technologies
  • biotechnological processes
  • (photo)catalytic processes
  • (photo)catalysts
  • advanced oxidation processes
  • polymers
  • (bio)composites
  • corrosion engineering
  • electrochemical technologies
  • food technology and engineering
  • alternative sources of food ingredients
  • polymers and nanotechnology in food technology
  • technologies for the management of food industry by-products

Research areas:

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