Scholarship can be received by a person who on the day of granting the scholarship has the status of a young scientist.

A young scientist is a person conducting scientific activity who:

  • is a PhD student or academic teacher - and does not have a doctoral degree, or
  • has a doctoral degree not longer than 7 years, and is employed at the university, the federation of entities of the higher education and science system, the Polish Academy of Sciences, the scientific institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
Minister of Science and Higher Education scholarships are granted to outstanding young scientist who conduct high-quality research and have impressive scientific achievements on an international scale (achievements are documented in written form).

Persons authorized to submit scholarship applications are - in accordance with art. 360 paragraph 4 of the Act:

  • rector, director of the institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, director of the research institute or director of the international institute in which the doctoral school is run, in which the young scientist is a PhD student;
  • person managing the entity referred to in art. 7 item 1 of the Act, employing a young scientist.

The application for a scholarship is filled out in the Integrated System of Services for Science, Stream financing (OSF system)

The contact person is Ms Małgorzata Makowiecka
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