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Multidisciplinary Open Knowledge Transfer System


MOST Wiedzy (Bridge of Knowledge portal) is a portal designed to present and promote the scientific achievements of employees of Gdańsk University of Technology. It also provides a platform for the exchange of information between the scientific community, entrepreneurs and society at large. The portal's capabilities promote the accessibility, consistency and reusability of many science, knowledge and technology resources. Of particular importance, Bridge of Knowledge is part of the Open Access initiative: free and direct access to collected materials without the need to create an account. The portal was created and developed during the implementation of the projects: "Multidisciplinary Open Knowledge Transfer System - Bridge of Knowledge" and "Bridge of Data. Multidisciplinary Open Knowledge Transfer System - Stage II: Open Research Data", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Digital Poland for 2014-2020.

Bridge of Knowledge offers a number of internally connected modules, among them can be distinguished:



Part of the Bridge of Knowledge platform is the Repository Open Access, which is based on the principle of self-archiving. It contains full texts of open access publications, these are mainly scientific articles by employees of Gdansk University of Technology since 2002. The repository provides all logged-in users with the opportunity to deposit materials. Each publication has a sub-page where you can find: a bibliographic description, very often supplemented with a link to the work posted on the publisher's website, and information about copyright or the Creative Commons license used.

Research Data


The Open Research Data Repository on the Bridge of Knowledge portal is a place where research data produced mainly by researchers from: Gdańsk University of Technology, University of Gdańsk and Gdańsk Medical University.
More about open research data and repository



The Bridge of Journals module offers access to the full texts of journals published at Gdańsk University of Technology. Here you can read the full content of all issues, starting from the first and ending with the current, journals:

The pages of each journal also provide information on the publication process, including: tips for authors, editorial and reviewer data, and article submission guidelines.



Catalog Events is a place where you can learn about conferences organized by various units of Gdansk University of Technology. It is linked to the Bridge of Events service, which offers a tool for organizing conference registrations. Among other things, the Bridge of Events provides: display of all conference information, automation of the registration and payment process.