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Date added: 2023-11-08

Conduct classes at university in Spain

summer school in Spain
If you are an academic teacher and would like to conduct classes in a foreign university, apply to the Universidade da Coruña's International Summer School in Spain (15-26 July 2024). You can obtain funding for this mobility from Erasmus+ program. 

Participation in Universidade da Coruña's International Summer School is a great opportunity for academic teachers to gain experience in conducting classes in an international environment, improve their English, improve intercultural competences and make friends with colleagues from universities from different parts of Europe and beyond. 


International Summer School takes place on 15-26 July 2024. Lectures are scheduled Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. (except for Thursday, 25 July, due to Spanish public holiday – day off work and school). 


University of Coruna, north-west Spain 

Who can apply?

Academic teachers with a PhD and English at level B2 can apply to participate in the International Summer School. 

Course prerequisites

The proposed course has to be conducted in English, cover 42 hours (divided into 2 weeks - from 15 to 26 July) and 6 ECTS credits. Note that one, two-week course can be conducted by two lecturers (first lecturer in the first week, second lecturer in the second week of the course). 


One can obtain funding from the Erasmus+ program. In the case of Spain, it amounts to 1 160 euro (1 210 euro if green means of transportation are used). The employee is to use the funding to settle the costs of the travel, accommodation, food etc.

In order to obtain the funding, one has to pass the mobility procedure and submit all required documents within the deadline (the procedure is available here). The funding can be awarded for the maximum of 5 days (i.e. a lecturer who decides to conduct a two-week course from 15-26 July, can obtain funding only for half of the stay, however if two lecturers divide the course and each of them conducts one week of classes, then both of them obtain funding for the 5-day trip). 

Application deadline

Applications can be submitted until 11 December. 

Application form 

In order to apply to the Summer School, you need to fill out an application form available on the website of the event and send it by email at The form shall include i.a. general information on the course, lecturer’s CV, didactic methods etc. In the case of two lecturers, only one form is required. 

More information available on the website of the organizer. 

International Relations Office is not responsible for the content of the call for proposals. For any issues related to the Summer School, please contact University of Coruna. IRO provides information about Erasmus+ funding for the mobility.