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Date added: 2024-04-17

Another visit of ISEB at Gdańsk University of Technology

Another visit of ISEB at Gdańsk University of Technology
From the left: prof. Eugenijus Valatka, prof. Francisco José Mora Más, prof. Roberto Zanino, prof. Mika Hannula and prof. Sławomir Smoleń (Marc Zolver on the phone). Photo: Krzysztof Krzempek. 
On 4-5 April, Gdańsk University of Technology hosted a meeting with the members of the International Scientific Effectiveness Board – ISEB, appointed early 2021 as part of IDUB project. ISEB representatives came to Gdańsk to check the progress of the project.

The Board includes the following members: Prof. Mika Hannula, Vice Rector for Partnerships and Strategic Engagement of the University of Turku, Prof. Francisco José Mora Mas, former Rector of Universitat Politècnica de València, Prof Sławomir Smoleń, Hochschule Bremen, Prof. Eugenijus Valatka, Rector of Kaunas University of Technology and Prof. Roberto Zanino, Rector’s Delegate for PhD Programs and International University Networks, Politecnico di Torino. All ISEB members came to the meeting.

Between 2021-2023, Marc Zolver, the Vice-President of International Affairs at that time, CentraleSupélec, France, was a member of ISEB. He ended his membership in ISEB to start his expert mission at the University of Nairobi. Marc Zolver joined the first part of the meeting online on 4 April.

Day one

On Thursday, 4 April, ISEB members took part in a meeting with the Internationalization Committee chaired by Prof. Justyna Szostak and the university authorities: Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, Rector of Gdańsk Tech, Prof. Janusz Nieznański, Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Innovation, Prof. Mariusz Kaczmarek, Vice-Rector for Education, Prof. Barbara Wikieł, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz, Vice-Rector for Organization and Development, and Prof. Sławomir Milewski, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research. The meeting revolved around the European universities working towards creating an integrated educational offer, using various types of mobility and diverse educational formats, including micro-credentials.

Subsequently, ISEB members met with various stakeholder groups to learn their perspectives on IDUB project and its implementation. Employees involved in managing international projects included the following persons: Monika Wieczerzak, Ph.D. Eng. (Head of IDUB Office), Aleksandra Dubiella-Jackowska, Ph.D. Eng. (Head of the Section for International Research Programs at the Project Management Office), Magdalena Urbanowicz, Ph.D. Eng. (Project Management Office) and Prof. Justyna Szostak (faculty coordinator of ERASMUS+ at the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics). Students were represented by the members of the Student Government (SSPG) – Paulina Chobot (Plenipotentiary for Internationalization and Equality at SSPG) and Tymoteusz Warmiak (Plenipotentiary for Scientific Clubs and Organizations), members of Science Club MIŚ – Zuzanna Dunajska and Adam Pacek, the beneficiaries of RADON Supporting Most Talented Students – Agata Knabe, Igor Rusiecki and Tomasz Wojnowski, and beneficiary of ACTINIUM Supporting Most Talented Candidates, Maciej Karwik. PhD Student Government was represented by: Ignacy Rogoń, President, Jakub Baczyński-Keller, Vice-President , Rengel Cane Sia, Chencellor and Afaq Hassan, member. Human resources development staff representation included: Katarzyna Bruder, Head of HR Center Development Team, Prof. Joanna Mytnik, Director of Center for Innovative Education, and Anna Modrzejewska, Head of International Relations Office. Representatives engaged in cooperation with the industrial sector: Mariusz Machajewski, President of Excento, Damian Kuźniewski, Director of Technology Transfer Office, and Robert Bajko, Technology Transfer Office.

Day two

On Friday, 5 April, ISEB members had a meeting at the Eureka Hotel in Sopot with the university authorities and Prof. Justyna Szostak (Internationalization Committee), Monika Wieczerzak, Ph.D. Eng. (IDUB Office), Anna Modrzejewska (International Relations Office) and Katarzyna Bruder (HR Center).

The meeting agenda included evaluation of the progress of IDUB project, university performance in an international context, federalization of Fahrenheit Union of Universities, participation in the European Universities Initiative, quality of education and its measurement through student surveys, etc. The discussions were supported by two multimedia presentations. Prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz, Vice-Rector for Organization and Development, presented the results of a comparative analysis of selected bibliometric results obtained by Gdańsk Tech against the results of leading universities in the world (TOP5 in QS World University Rankings 2024). Monika Wieczarzak, Ph.D. Eng., Head of IDUB Office, presented the current progress of IDUB project objectives, including budget implementation for individual tasks and sub-tasks of the project implementation plan.

The Board will use the information obtained by ISEB members to assess the progress of IDUB project and to make recommendations for its implementation in the years 2024-2026.